Case Studies

Success Stories, Detailed Analyses, and More
Explore our case studies to witness the transformative impact of analytics and marketing solutions firsthand. Here, we delve deep into real-world scenarios, highlighting the challenges faced and the strategies employed to overcome them, crafting success stories that resonate. Get inspired.
Performance Optimization for NGO


Our NGO client, armed with a $30,000 monthly Google grant, faced underoptimized campaigns. We restructured and refocused strategies, resulting in a 4.35% conversion rate and increased revenue to $69,000.
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Travel case study image

Travel Agency in Myanmar

Our client, a leading Myanmar travel agency, faced challenges in granular insights, efficient marketing spend, payment attribution, and complex reporting. Our data-driven solution empowered informed decisions, enhanced reporting, accurate attribution, and substantial growth.
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Edtech case study


An emerging Thai EdTech startup aspired to expand its subscriber base from 1,000 to 10,000. Our three-pronged strategy led to substantial growth, bridging the gap towards their ambitious goal.
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Fintech case study

Fintech Sector in Sweden

Our client, a Swedish fintech innovator, faced onboarding challenges. Our meticulous measurement plan, including user journey analysis and AppsFlyer, led to improved user experience and conversion rates.
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