Travel Agency

Our client, a leading Myanmar travel agency, faced challenges in granular insights, efficient marketing spend, payment attribution, and complex reporting. Our data-driven solution empowered informed decisions, enhanced reporting, accurate attribution, and substantial growth.

About Client

A prominent travel agency based in Myanmar offering various services, including bus bookings, hotel reservations, flights, and exclusive balloon experiences. Their operations are streamlined through a dynamic website and mobile applications compatible with iOS and Android platforms. Despite having a wide array of services, they struggled with visibility into the customer behaviors on their platforms, hindering optimal revenue generation.

The Challenge

The client was grappling with several challenges that stalled their growth:

  • Lack of Detailed Insights: They had no deep insight into the performance of individual funnels, such as distinguishing between round and one-way flights. This lack of granularity prevented them from identifying high-performing products and adjusting their strategy accordingly.
  • Inefficient Marketing Spend: They couldn't allocate their marketing budget efficiently without visibility into the revenue generated by each funnel.
  • Payment Attribution Issues: Transactions completed through third-party mobile wallets and payment systems couldn't be traced back to specific marketing campaigns, causing a gap in their attribution model.
  • Complex Reporting: Their reporting system was mired with issues, including data integrity concerns, complicated reports, data silos, insufficient visualization, and important KPIs getting lost in a sea of data.

The Solution

We devised a comprehensive solution leveraging our expertise in analytics:

  • Custom Analytics Plan: Developed a custom analytics measurement and implementation plan, introducing event tracking for each funnel and service.
  • Segmentation: Created advanced user segments in Google Analytics for each service offering, facilitating detailed marketing attribution reports.
  • Product Tagging: Introduced a tagging methodology to discern revenue details per service type, unveiling crucial data for business growth.
  • Integrating Payment Tracking: Established a robust tracking system to route payment details from third-party tools to the client's back-end systems, aligning CRM, analytics, and website back end data and facilitating accurate ROI calculations per marketing channel.
  • Revamped Reporting: Leveraged our proprietary dashboard technology to integrate data from various sources, presenting KPIs in a visual scorecard format highlighting trends over time, making data analysis simpler and more intuitive.

The Results

By bringing a data-driven approach to the client's operations, we enabled:

  •  Informed Decision-Making: Empowered the client to make data-backed decisions, optimizing marketing strategies based on actionable insights extracted from detailed revenue data per service type.
  • Enhanced Reporting: Transformed their reporting process into a straightforward, visual experience, where KPIs were no longer lost but presented in a manner easy to comprehend and act upon.
  •  Accurate Attribution: Facilitated the understanding of the actual ROI per marketing channel, enabling them to fine-tune their marketing spending and strategies for better results.
  • Growth Hack: Unveiled valuable data that became the cornerstone for the client’s growth, helping them identify the stars and cash cows in their portfolio to fuel further expansion and success.