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Dashboards Redefined

Navigate the vast sea of data with pinpoint precision. At Optimize Analytics, we merge sophistication with simplicity, delivering insights right to your fingertips. With tools like Google Big Query at our helm, we transform complexity into clarity, driving actionable strategies.

Dashboard and Reporting

Tailored Measurement Plans

Every journey begins with a masterful plan. We craft meticulous measurement outlines, mapping each user touchpoint to provide a blueprint of your users' journey. This bespoke service leans on a profound understanding of your business needs, sculpting a pathway that pinpoints opportunities while ironing out frictions, creating a seamless user experience from pre-registration to conversion.

Leveraging Powerhouse Tools

Harness the full potential of renowned tools like Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and AppsFlyer. Our expertise with these platforms allows us to delve deep into the user's journey, offering firsthand insights and a comprehensive view that forms the bedrock of effective strategies. It’s not just about data; it’s about crafting narratives from user experiences, painting a picture that resonates with your audience, guiding them gently from awareness to conversion, and fostering loyalty.

Turning Insights into Action

But we don’t stop at gathering insights. Our services are designed to turn raw data into actionable strategies, shaping user experiences that meet and exceed expectations. We create visualization reports that showcase drop-off rates, helping you understand where you are losing potential customers and offering strategies to reel them back in

The Transformation

Immerse yourself in the transformation that well-structured, data-backed insights can bring. With our guidance, watch your mobile application evolve to retain a higher number of users and convert potentials with a finesse tuned to perfection, choreographing a user journey that is nothing short of a masterpiece. Watch your conversion rates not just improve but soar as you offer an application experience that is intuitively crafted and backed by data every step of the way.

Case studies

Explore our case studies to discover how we’ve transformed businesses with analytics and automation. Each story is a testament to our expertise and commitment to driving results.
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Arif is a key performer in providing Google Ads strategy and execution. I rely on Arif to develop metrics, implement tracking and manage Google ad campaigns cost-effectively. Arif is a clear communicator and generous collaborator who makes it easy to stay informed: he presents his data/findings in live reporting dashboards in Google Data Studio, and is always accessible by email, chat and video call. I highly recommend Arif Ahmed to any organization needing an expert in Google Ads who is also a joy to work with.
Rob Macdonald
President, PlumDIBs
Arif Ahmed has been a great aset for our business. He has brought in depth knowledge and ability to implement our tracking of the behaviour of our members. It is and will be of great, great, value. Other than being very effective, Arif keeps his deadlines, and is a good communicator who understands how to keep juggling all the tasks towards the planned goal. We will keep working with Arif for long as things look now.
Brian Degn
Owner/Headtrainer, Yogavivo
Arif is a very professional and responsive person to work with, that knows his way with Analytics and other Google products.
Antonis Anastassiades
Managing Director, Anadixis Digital Solutions

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