Google Analytics Audit


Can you trust your data?


I have audited over 100 GA accounts last year and 90% have major implementation issues. In order to get proper insight and do in-depth analysis you need to have accurate data. Without accurate data, you might not draw proper conclusion from your data which would lead to low conversions and engagement.

Why you should Hire Me?


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List of Google Analytics services, I provide:

Revenue and Conversion Tracking

  1. Universal Analytics Account
  2. Goals Conversions
  3. Cross Domain Tracking
  4. E-commerce Tracking
  5. Enhance E-commerce Tracking

General Tracking

  1. Event Tracking
  2. Form Tracking
  3. YouTube/Vimeo Tracking
  4. Campaign Tracking
  5. Scroll Tracking
  6. Phone Call Tracking
  7. Advance Segments
  8. Content Grouping
  9. Custom Cost Data


  1. Integrating Google Analytics with Adwords
  2. Integrating Google Analytics with Webmaster
  3. Integrating Google Analytics with CRM Data
  4. Debugging GA Implementation Issues

How I do Google Analytics Audit?

I audit your website and Google Analytics Account and draw recommendations, insights and craft out an action plan for your website. If you wish then I can also implement all the changes recommended in my report.

The report is not a one-page summary but it is a handwritten customized report specially tailored for your business.

What does the GA audit cost?

You can check my Fiverr packages over here. Starting from $20 to $60. Choose a Package based on your need.